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JulienVanMiddendorp_Point of No Return_O
Wasting Love_oil on Canvas_ 100x100 cm
JulienVanMiddendorp_The Thing that Shoul
The Red and the Black__Oil on Canvas_100
Midway Through Infinity, 100 x 100, orez
The Dividing Line_Oil on Canves_100x100
Julien van Middendorp_Crack the Skye_Oil
Light in the Dark, Oil, 100x100 cm
Plakat Julien van Middendorp
Thin Line Between Love and Hate, Oil, 10
Piece of Mind, Oil, 100x100 cm_edited
aktuální výstavy a ocenění
“Individual Thought Patters”, 
Galerie U Zlatého Kohouta, Praha 1

1. 6. - 28. 6. 2021

“Spring Open 2021”, 
The Absent Gallery, Anglie

19. 3. - 16. 5. 2021

“Welcome 2021” 
Israeli Art Market,
Online Art Výstava, Izrael 

1. 1. - 1. 3. 2021

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